Wale – Bait

October 24, 2011

DC’s own hometown hip-hop hero, Wale, just released a new full-length video for his song “Bait” (currently on his The Eleven One Eleven Theory mixtape and rumored to be the deluxe bonus track on his upcoming Ambition LP). While the original was a NSFW clip showing Wale and his new mentor Rick Ross showering strippers in money, this one takes a more city-focused basis with the rapper performing surrounded by locals across the DC area. See if you can figure out just where Wale’s been hanging out lately. (I’ll even forgive him wearing the New Orleans jersey as he was the first to publicly sport the new Wizards look on stage.)

Even better, try getting “work work work work” out of your head at any point after watching the video. I can pretty much guarantee it will be impossible.