The Orwells – In My Bed

July 25, 2012

They may be only 17 and have just graduated high school, but they don’t care and you shouldn’t either. With the recent release of the single “In My Bed,” the quintet from Chicago have burst onto the scene like a summer storm and have rained down on us with raw, loud, catchy rock n’ roll. These guys hit my grunge rock soft spot immediately, bringing comparisons of the Black Lips and Harlem to mind.

After listening to additional tracks by the Orwells including “Mallrats (La La La)” and “Who Needs You,” it’s obvious these guys aren’t just a bunch of high school kids in a band – they’re inherently talented and way ahead of the game. Although they can’t get into most venues to play shows due to their age, their following is rapidly growing through the air waves. Be sure to pick up their debut album Remember When due out September 7th if you like what you hear. As always, keep up with the band through Facebook and their official website for any updates.