The Neighbourhood – Sweater Weather

July 20, 2012

In the past year or so, a handful of artists have been proving a point about marketing. Being mysterious can actually increase your fan base faster than showing all of your cards. If the talent is there, people don’t care who you are. The best example of this is the Weeknd. The Weeknd intentionally remained mysterious and were practically unknown while their fan base grew exponentially all via the powers of the internet. They’ve released all of their EP’s and LP’s for free on their website and have turned to live performances to actually make money. People go see The Weeknd because other people tell them how good they are live. The group sell out every show without really doing anything to promote it, pretty fascinating. Other artists who have followed suit include Lana Del Ray, WU LYF, and most recently The Neighbourhood. (although Lana fell off pretty quickly after the world realized she was completely fabricated).

It’s pretty difficult to get a back story on the guys from Newbury Park, California. If you go their website, there is a link to download their debut EP I’m Sorry that was released this past May – and that’s it. They are rolling the dice with the marketing strategy and I think so far that it’s working. ” Sweater Weather” is by far the best song on the EP. It has a simple drum beat, catchy lyrics, and lead singer Jesse Rutherford has a voice that is sure get people’s attention. They still have a lot to prove, but I think so far they are showing a lot of promise. The band has mentioned they will be releasing more music this year but haven’t listed any specific dates (shocking). Doesn’t look like these guys are coming near DC for their summer tour, but try to keep up with them on their official website and Facebook.