The 2 Bears – Work

December 14, 2011

Do you like Hot Chip? Of course you do – the British band’s electropop dance grooves are impossible to resist. Band co-founder Joe Goddard’s side project with DJ/producer Raf Daddy, The 2 Bears, might prove just as impossible to get out of your head. With their latest video, the ursine duo match dancey, soulful grooves with black and white shots of the British working class going about their day (of course, perfectly timed to the rhythmic pulsing). Add in some jazzy riffs, some electro influence, and female vocals? I think we’ve got ourselves a hit. (Oh, and they’re signed to James Murphy’s DFA Records – does that sweeten the pot for you?)

The band’s latest, Bearhug EP, is available for streaming online. No word on what album “Work” will appear on yet, but check out their official website and Facebook for more information.