Sleigh Bells – Comeback Kid

January 24, 2012

Remember how I said Reign of Terror was one of my most anticipated albums this year? Yeah, here’s another reason why. Besides the sunny visuals, Alexis marching through the suburbs in a studded leather jacket and denim hotpants (and jumping on a bed holding a rifle, and lounging by the pool, and sporting a new blonde look), and Derek in the typical varsity jacket, the song does exactly what they said they were going to do with the new album – infuse their traditional thrashing guitars and chords with a more pop-like sensibility, both in sound and song structure. And it works – the verses are carried by melodies and Alexis’s voice, and then when the chorus kicks in, it’s the Sleigh Bells you know and love, full of loud guitars and bass. After this one, I’m even more excited for the new album next month.

Oh, and make sure you don’t miss Sleigh Bells on February 16th at 9:30 Club – what better Valentine’s Day present could you give that someone special than the chance to jump, march, and thrash around to some great music? (That is, if you managed to get tickets before they sold out incredibly fast, as they always do when they come to town. You know where to go to get them at this point.) And, as always, check out the band on Facebook and their official website for more.