SBTRKT – Hold On

April 10, 2012

I haven’t had anything published on this site in a month. A MONTH! Music changes hourly, and to go an entire 31 days without a post means I robbed you of some excellent new songs, artists, and shows. I know MFS isn’t your only source of music, but if we are to become a trusted source for music, then a lapse like that is unacceptable – and for that, I am truly sorry. So now that I am through wasting even more seconds of your precious time with an apology, I give you the first post from me since forever ago.

SBTRKT had an outstanding album with 2011’s eponymous effort (I seriously dropped the ball with my best of list. Only 5 albums? What was I thinking?). The full length debut was jam-packed with heavy bass and futuristic post-dub production, but one of my favorite tracks was the much more subtle “Hold On.” Utilizing the seldom heard Glockenspiel and tribal drums to build a somber yet powerful track of lost love, the track provides both depth from the London-based DJ and a break from the rest of the album’s dance floor fillers. The video is superb – a dark homage to the wonderful photography of Gregory Crewdson (Google him – he is outstanding) and only heightens the mood created by the track. We just missed SBTRKT here in DC, but make sure you visit his Facebook and sparse website.