Miike Snow – Paddling Out

February 15, 2012

With their second song to be released off of Happy To You, Miike Snow has brought back the weirdness that you’ve come to expect from them. A banana juice hangover, retro furniture and appliances, and one-man weirdo dance party all leads to… well, I guess you should watch and find out. Needless to say, it all gets pretty out of control insane. (Here’s a hint: it involves Victorian-styled alien abductions, a diamond-studded chainsaw surgery, and the quest to create the perfect human.) All of this set to a perfectly danceable synth beat and an immediately catchy chorus just makes it typical Miike Snow – the kind of thing that will find itself creeping into the corners of your consciousness when you least expect it.

As usual, their upcoming show on April 28 at 9:30 Club (with Penguin Prison opening) sold out in just about record time – but keep your eyes and ears peeled, the good folks over there have been cracking down on scalpers and slowly releasing limited numbers of tickets as they get their hands on them. In the meantime, expect Happy To You the week of March 26 – until then, you know to keep up with them via the usual methods (Facebook, Twitter, official website).