Hooray For Earth – True Loves

November 1, 2011

Brooklyn based snyth-pop rock quartet Hooray for Earth is buzzing around the indie world with the release of their first full length studio LP True Loves. Nearing the end of their first tour since its release earlier in July, Hooray for Earth have established themselves among the best emerging indie-rock bands coming from New York this year.  Fronted by the talented singer/multi-instrumentalist Noel Heroux, the band shows a similar flare to artists such as Yeasayer, Passion Pit, and Cut Copy.  Heroux demonstrates his innate ability to compose a strong balance of rolling baselines and flowing melodies with an underlying dynamic layer of synthesizers, a sound that is frequently attempted but rarely successfully executed.  Although it is clear on True Loves that the band is still searching for its true identity, hints of their potential are reached with strong compositions on tracks such as “No Love,” “Sails,” and “Same.”  The overall rhythm of the album is powerful and progressive and leaves the listener wanting more.  The track “No Love” (which is the most successful in my opinion) has a very similar feel to moments of Age of Adz released by Brooklyn native Sufjan Stevens earlier this year.

If you missed Hooray for Earth last month at the Black Cat, be sure to keep an eye on them in the coming months – I wouldn’t be surprised if they are headlining their next tour.