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Wale – Vanity "Wale – Vanity"

Wale, a DC cultural and music landmark at this point (if you don’t believe me, he just had a giant cover story and spread in this past weekend’s Washington Post, so that’s saying something), has a new album out. The Gifted is quite good – his best and most cohesive production to date, a career-defining work that shows an artist that has found his full voice and style without settling for throwaway songs.

That said, the most addicting song on the album is “Vanity” – a piano-driven beat buoyed by some absolutely killer drums. Produced by No Credit, the song finds Wale rapping about paying for women’s attention and how other people holding him in high regard validates his opinions about himself. The high point of the song? A sped-up and synthed-out version of the Gary Jule’s cover of “Mad World” that really ties the whole thing together and knocks it out of the park. This is definitely next single material (“LoveHate Thing” and “Bad” have already had some pretty heavy radio play), so expect to hear a lot more of it soon.