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Ugly Purple Sweater – Roatan "Ugly Purple Sweater – Roatan"

Ugly Purple Sweater are an emerging indie rock band from Washington, DC that have all the ingredients for success above and beyond the local scene. Earlier this past year, I was introduced to lead singer Sam McCormally at a Listen Local First event. Although I unfortunately missed their set, I did listen to their debut album, Conventions (released in November 2011) the next day and was more than impressed with their polished and approachable sound. Their musical compositions are dynamic, blending together slamming guitar riffs, delicate fingerpicked banjos, flowing keyboards, drum beats that keep the tracks on a positive climb, and McCormally’s vocals that, in my opinion, can rival most of the leading indie artists today. Their debut album is consistent throughout, hinting that there is much on the horizon for the group that has only been together since 2010. Conveniently, the album is available to stream or download here. In addition to “Roatan,” I would suggest listening to the tracks “Ba Ba Ba,” “This is How it Feels,” and “Blue Crab.”

Be sure to catch Ugly Purple Sweater perform this Friday night, January 27th, at Black Cat alongside Lightfoot, Paperhaus, and Loose Lips. Lightfoot will be releasing an EP that night featuring the new single “As You Can,” which was recently featured in Washington City Paper. This show is definitely worth checking out, not only because the bands are local, but more importantly because the bands are good. Hope to see you there. (Also, be sure to keep up with Ugly Purple Sweater on Facebook.)