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Ugly Kids Club – My Soul "Ugly Kids Club – My Soul"

Imagine if you mixed the heavy metal pop of Sleigh Bells with the fuzzy shoegaze of School of Seven Bells (and then didn’t use the word “bells” in the name at all). That’s pretty much exactly what you get with Nashville duo Ugly Kids Club (made up of Aleigh Shields and Steve Wilson). “My Soul,” off their self-titled debut EP, manages to hit all the high notes you would expect from such a combination – crunchy guitars, electro beats, and some yelping vocals, all mixed together with the appropriate amount of lo-fi fuzz. It’s a little more poppy than Alexis and a little more upbeat than Alejandra – and a great combination that proves itself unique from both. (It doesn’t hurt that Steve is a Grammy-nominated producer from his work with such bands as The Juliana Theory and Jonezetta.)

You can download their EP from their Bandcamp (or order a signed cassette tape version for that old player in your car). Be sure to check out their official website, Facebook, and Twitter. And while you’re at it, see if you can get them to go on tour and head this way soon.