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Sleepy Eyes "Sleepy Eyes"

U.S. Royalty is one of those bands that has continued to evolve its style, sound, and influence wildly since first forming in DC four years ago. 2009’s Midsommar EP reminded listeners of bands like The Killers, Cold War Kids, and Spoon; their first full length, last year’s Mirrors, not only eschewed the modern pop rock of those bands but seemed to draw its entire inspiration from 1970’s sprawling rock (with an admitted major influence being Fleetwood Mac). With their latest track, “Sleepy Eyes,” the local boys seem to have jumped forward a few decades – from the opening notes, the strumming guitars and crooning vocals evoke mid-90’s Oasis (circa What’s The Story, Morning Glory?) through and through. And that’s not a bad thing. Before the harmonies fade out and the tambourine plays into the silence, “Sleepy Eyes” will have fully embedded itself in your brain just like Noel and Liam’s best did.

For all of you attending the Sweetlife Festival next month, the band will be playing again this year, this time on the Treehouse Stage (alongside such bands as Delta Spirit, Twin Shadow, and Zola Jesus). Mirrors is available now (and I highly recommend you pick it up, if you haven’t already – it was one of the best albums of 2011, in my opinion). No word on a new album yet, but be sure to check their official site, Facebook, and Twitter for news.