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Two Wounded Birds – I Think The World Of You "Two Wounded Birds – I Think The World Of You"

“Surf rock” is not a term that you would normally associate with a band hailing from eastern England, but somehow Two Wounded Birds pull it off perfectly with “I Think The World Of You.” Seemingly as inspired by The Cure as by The Beach Boys, this song’s uplifting title belies its underlying gloominess – even when the lyrics are upbeat and sunny, the bass and vocals seem more fit for the moonlight. And it all comes together perfectly. Speaking of their Beach Boys inspiration, after a trip to LA, Brian Wilson himself called the band up to say they had a “great sense of melody” – pretty huge words from a surf rock legend for a little band from Britain. They’re currently only touring in England as of now, so if you happen to be in London anytime soon then take the opportunity to see them. Don’t worry if you aren’t though, as I have a good feeling these guys will be hitting the festival circuit pretty hard next year – they’ve already been hailed by NME and appeared on the BBC, a pretty certain sign of bigger things to come. Keep up with them via their website or Facebook page.