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These United States – Dead & Gone "These United States – Dead & Gone"

Going on six years now, These United States is one of those folk rock bands that every other folk rock band should try to emulate. They make folk rock the way it’s meant to be – loud, fast, and living, making you happy to be alive and listening (even on a song titled “Dead & Gone”). It’s Americana at its finest with a Southern twang and thumping beat added to the mix. On their new album, the self-titled These United States (due out this June), the band even rounded up some other great artists to help out with the effort, from Deer Tick to Phosphorescent to Jukebox The Ghost. Should be an awesome time for the whole folk rockin’ family.

Their show with Trampled By Turtles this Friday at 9:30 Club is sold out (of course), but you know how to get tickets if you need to. As usual, check out their official website, Facebook, and Twitter to get your fill.