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The Wealthy West-Love Is Not Enough "The Wealthy West-Love Is Not Enough"

So I’m about three days late on posting this one – just barely missed Valentine’s Day, unfortunately. Brandon Kinder, lead singer of Austin-based indie rockers The Rocketboys, also just so happens to have a side gig performing as solo artist The Wealthy West. And we’re glad he does. “Love Is Not Enough” is smart, upbeat folk music, with just enough sarcasm and cynicism hidden inside to make you laugh as Brandon strums his guitar and sings that love is a “horrible master and a terrible monster.” Consider this one to be the antidote to all those sappily sweet acoustic songs that plague the radio right around now about how love is the end-all, be-all, final answer to any problem.

The Wealthy West’s EP Volume I is available now at a name-your-price deal on his Bandcamp, so pick it up and give it a listen. Be sure to check out his Facebook as well, of course. Unfortunately, he’s not touring right now (sticking to playing local shows in Austin), as he’s back in the studio with The Rocketboys working on their new record.