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The Shins – Simple Song (audio) "The Shins – Simple Song (audio)"

The band that was supposed to “change your life” is back after a five-year hiatus since their last album with their new single, “Simple Song.” A continuation of the same sound that made them popular, the new song is breezy and heartfelt with a guitar-strumming chorus that will put to rest any doubts that they could get return to their own style after all the side projects, lineup changes, and lapses in time. Better get ready for another round of manic pixie dream girls trying to convince you to listen to them. This time, you’ll be ready.

Port of Morrow is currently scheduled for release in March, so until then keep up with James Mercer and company via their website, Facebook, and Twitter. They’re currently not scheduled to hit the east coast on tour, but with the Coachella lineup just announced, better start booking your flights out to Indio now.

(Just had to add this note: I hate Garden State. Wanted to get that out there in the open.)