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The Jezabels – Try Colour "The Jezabels – Try Colour"

Remember how Florence + The Machine seemed to come out of nowhere last year and then were suddenly performing at every awards show and backing every other commercial? Yeah, expect the same from Sydney-based The Jezabels soon. With an arena-sized sound, strong female vocals, swirling guitars, and a twitchy upbeat rhythm, the band seems to be channeling early Arcade Fire with Florence Welch at the helm. And just wait for the breakdown backed by the guitars with a foot-tapping beat. Already crushing the charts in their native Australia, their album Prisoner comes out digitally worldwide on November 8th. Currently rounding out a tour across their home continent, The Jezabels start touring North America the same day their album’s released – check out the schedule here. Unfortunately, they won’t be playing DC, but don’t worry, I have a good feeling you’ll be able to catch them next year in Indio, Chicago, or Austin when they inevitably get picked up for a great stage on the festival circuit.