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Gimme-Twice "Gimme-Twice"

After a more than should be necessary amount of research, I can tell you that this is actually a band called The Concept and not a prank by Phoenix. If you are going to blatantly rip off a band, you can do a lot worse than the French superstars. Upbeat guitar riffs, reverberating synths and “are-you-sure-that’s-not-Thomas-Mars” vocals play like a hidden track off Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix – and that is a good thing. The band doesn’t always sound exactly like Phoenix; the other track floating around the interwebs keeps the same toe-tapping sensibilities found in “Gimme Twice,” but doesn’t force you to do a double take. For now stop looking up music copyright law and just enjoy the song. Make sure you keep up with the band on their Facebook which doubles as their official site (how 2012).