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The_Antlers_-_VCR_the_xx_Cover "The_Antlers_-_VCR_the_xx_Cover"

Two of the standout albums of 2009, in my opinion, were The xx’s xx and The Antlers’ Hospice. Two very different albums in style and substance, both stood out on many end-of-the-year lists as some of the best. In the two years since those albums’ release, The Antlers have released Burst Apart, another exceptional album, while The xx have been working on their second album as well as independent projects (Jamie xx worked with Gil Scott-Heron on We’re New Here, a remix album of the earlier I’m New Here). Now the two come together with this excellent cover of the British band’s “VCR” by The Antlers as part of their new EP, (together), made up of outtakes, remixes, and alternate recordings from their latest album. Trading in the original’s looming vocals for a more upbeat atmosphere (not to mention Peter Silberman’s voice being a lot higher than Romy’s), the song stands separate from the original due to its unique sound. Be sure to pick up The Antlers’ (together) when it comes out on November 22nd.