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Terrible Feelings – Intruders "Terrible Feelings – Intruders"

Like recent fellow Nordic breakout stars, Of Monsters & Men, I see big things for Terrible Feelings in the future. They have a special blend of infectious power pop paired with gloomy howling vocals that just seems to grab ahold of something deep inside of you. Picture the gothic sounds of Siouxsie & The Banshees paired with upbeat 80’s hair metal pop that makes you want to jump around. The Swedish foursome is just the right blend of the two, a combination that sounds hard enough to pull off in theory that I wouldn’t even want to try it in real life. Luckily for us, Terrible Feelings hits that perfect spot with “Intruders.”

The band is currently on tour in Europe with no word on stateside shows (although they previously toured with bands such as Fucked Up and JEFF the Brotherhood). Their debut album, Shadows, is available now. Fingers crossed that they come this way soon – in the meantime, check out their official website, Twitter, and Facebook.