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stlucia_closethanthis "stlucia_closethanthis"

It is rare that you go to a show for one act and leave raving over another, but as I ascended the steep stairs of U Street Music Hall on Tuesday, that is exactly what happened. St Lucia could easily be written off as just another electro-pop act in the laptop-pop era, but is saved by Jean-Philip Grobler’s angelic voice. Grobler has quite the pedigree; he spent his youth touring the globe as a member of South Africa’s Drakensberg Boys Choir School and it shows when his classically trained voice seamlessly flows into layers of beautiful pop music. In an age where electro-acts are mostly studio magic and rely on stage theatrics to set themselves apart, it is refreshing to hear a natural talent like St Lucia’s.

His eponymous EP came out Tuesday and can be found on iTunes or streamed from Soundcloud. You just missed him in the DC area, but be sure to follow him on Twitter or Facebook to see when he comes to a stage near you – trust me, you do not want to miss it.