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Sleigh Bells – Born To Lose "Sleigh Bells – Born To Lose"

The Brooklyn noise-pop duo is back. After crushing eardrums with their first album Treats in 2010, it seemed like they were everywhere – constantly touring and playing festivals around the world, rocking modified Bulls jerseys and crowdsurfing their way to glory. They only recently announced that their second album, Reign of Terror, will be released early next year, and with it, a slight change of sound – more pop influence, more guitar and less samples, and more melodies instead of crashing chords, all without losing their heavy sound that made them so awesome in the first place. With the first song released from the album, “Born To Lose,” it’s evident that while some things may change, the more they’ll stay the same. The beats will still batter you from all sides. The guitars will still shake you to the core. You’ll still want to listen to it on maximum volume whenever possible. At the same time, Alexis’s vocals come across more dreamy and melodic than before (and you can actually understand everything she’s singing). There’s clear guitar lines and choruses. It’s a welcome and mature progression from the discordant nature of their first album, but not a total change in direction – let’s just hope the full thing has just as much Alexis screaming as Treats did. (By the way, how do I get Alexis Krauss to marry me?)

The new album, Reign of Terror, is due early 2012 and you can check out a preview on their official website. They’ve announced a joint tour with Diplo through Florida in February of next year called Paradise Lost, so if you happen to find yourself down that way, make sure to pick up tickets (how can you go wrong with that combination?). Until then, keep up with them via their Facebook for updates on their progress.