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Sleeper Agent – Get Burned "Sleeper Agent – Get Burned"

I am unreasonably in love with any band that sounds like an upbeat replica of The Strokes circa 2001 – so cross that sound with Phoenix and you have danceable pop-rock of the highest order. What I’m basically saying is this: turn your speakers or headphones up, stand up, push your chair away from your desk, and hit play. If you aren’t dancing within ten seconds of the song starting, I don’t know what to tell you. Maybe that’s why this Bowling Green band was grabbed by Cage the Elephant after an 8-song demo to tour the country with them, why they got a record deal on Mom & Pop Records, and why Weezer got them to play their weeklong “Weezer Cruise” in January of next year – all in under nine months.

Sleeper Agent’s first album Celabrasion is out now on Mom & Pop Records. They’re currently not on tour, but don’t be surprised if you find yourself dancing around to them in a field somewhere in Indio or Chicago or Austin next year.