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Release The Sunbird – I Will Walk "Release The Sunbird – I Will Walk"

Rogue Wave always seemed like one of those solid bands on the verge of making it big – a solid catalog of songs (including one of my favorites about the west coast, “California“), songs being used in tons of movies and TV shows (One Tree Hill, Napolean Dynamite, The O.C., Friday Night Lights, etc.), and comparisons to other big name bands such as The Shins. With their last album, Permalight, released in 2010 and failing to impress critics or listeners, lead singer Zach Rogue formed his side project Release The Sunbird as a way to explore other musical opportunities. With his new EP, Imaginary Summer, he does just that, crafting uplifting folk pop guided by strumming guitars, hopeful vocals, and the addition of a full band to what started as a solo project. Much like with Rogue Wave’s early works, it’s just good solid music that will pick your mood up as you listen.

Release The Sunbird just wrapped up a tour through California with no announced future tour dates, but be sure to pick up Imaginary Summer and check out his official website and Facebook.