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03 Turning Into Stone "03 Turning Into Stone"

Coming off the release of their lauded first full length record Eyelid Movies in 2010, Phantogram wastes little time with a new eclectic mini LP Nightlife, featuring six tracks that range from psychedelic-indie rock to heavy beat driven hip-hop. Originally from upstate New York, this electro-pop duo includes long-time friends Sarah Barthel (keyboard/vocals) and Josh Carter (guitar/vocals).  Having been on tour for almost an entire year straight since the release of Eyelid Movies, this follow-up album was written mostly in clubs and hotel rooms along the way.  The first single, “Don’t Move,” exploded all over blogs and radio stations the moment it was released a few weeks ago, and for good reason. Barthel’s dreamlike soothing vocals and Carter’s complex beats comprised of trumpets, guitar, sound bytes, and piano, “Don’t Move” is a powerful track that gives a strong indication that there are big things to come for Phantogram.  The featured track, “Turning into Stone,” is my favorite of the six, with a rolling beat that responds to and fuses with Carter’s vocals to create an LCD Soundsystem feel at moments.  Nightlife was released just in time for their next tour – and lucky for you, they are coming to the Black Cat next week on Wednesday, November 16th.  If you aren’t familiar with Phantograms’ older music, be sure to check out the tracks “When I’m Small” and “Mouthful of Diamonds” from their debut album.  For your sake, and for your daughter’s sake, do not miss this show – hopefully I will see you there.