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passionpit-takeawalk "passionpit-takeawalk"

Passion Pit is one of those bands that seemed to emerge and explode out of nowhere – granted, they formed in 2007 in Boston and released their Chunk of Change EP in 2008, but it was that one Palm Pixi commercial (using “Sleepyhead,” of course) that really escalated them to the stratosphere. 2009’s Manners received almost universally great ratings, based mostly on the heavy synthpop instrumentation and lead singer Michael Angelakos’s high-pitched falsetto singing. With their new track, “Take A Walk,” the band tones all of that back in favor of a lighter pop sensibility that allows Angelakos’s lyrics and singing to push through. Of course, you still get the synthpoppy stomps and beeps, but this time you can sing along without straining yourself. In interviews regarding the writing and recording process behind their upcoming album, Gossamer, Angelakos said that he wanted the past two years of his life to shine through with his words, and it seems like this is a great first step down that road.

Gossamer is due out July 24 and the band is on tour later this summer – including  a performance at the new Firefly Festival in Dover, Delaware. (Did we already mention that we’ll be there?) Until then, check out their official website, Facebook, and Twitter for more updates.