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Beach Winters – Paleo Eskimo "Beach Winters – Paleo Eskimo"

Paleo Eskimo are a dream pop quartet from West Palm Beach, Florida that have a clean and mellow vibe that feels both comfortable and confident. I was surprised to learn that the group has only been playing together since the beginning of 2011, reflecting on the maturity of their sound. The band states their focus is to “develop continuous melodies with low-key vocals” as the framework for their music, a common trend surrounding the indie world these days that Paleo Eskimo executes at a high level. At first listen, they remind me a lot of Built to Spill, specifially their sophomore LP, There’s Nothing Wrong With Love.

Since the release of the single “Beach Winters” earlier this month, the band’s reputation has grown rapidly, receiving recognition from both listeners and bands across the country. I wouldn’t be surprised if the unsigned group has a break-out year in 2012, becoming the focus of conversation for young emerging artists this year. As of now, there is no set release for the group’s first full length album, but we will be sure to keep you posted. Also, stay up to date with Paleo Eskimo on Facebook.