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Speak Out Now 2 (finalmaster 25 juli) mp3 "Speak Out Now 2 (finalmaster 25 juli) mp3"

Maybe it is because I just quit my job and I am ridiculously excited about my next endeavor, but every song I am digging these days is upbeat. I am in one of those moods that is nearly impossible to ruin and “Speak Out Now” is the perfect accompaniment to these feelings.

Oh Land’s eponymous US label debut juxtaposed stadium-rock-foot-stomp percussion with orchestral flourishes to create a unique electro-pop experience. Already an indie music favorite, the album reached a larger audience after it caught the ears of Sia (and later Katy Perry) who both had Oh Land open on their 2011 tours.  With widespread critical success and big time pop-stars as fans, the talk quickly turned to the follow up.

“Speak Out Now,” the first single from the yet to be named upcoming album, is driven by more traditional drum beats (she still finds a way to utilize the human element by sneaking in hand claps), but the melody is still pure pop. The relatively quick turn-a-round and the high quality of this single are a good sign of things to come.

Oh Land is not currently touring right now so make sure you keep up with her via Facebook, Twitter or her gorgeous Website.