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nervousnellie-gloves "nervousnellie-gloves"

Originally hailing from Chicago, the brothers behind Nervous Nellie moved to Sweden at a young age – eventually meeting up with another pair of brothers to coalesce into the final band. Up until this point, they’ve been a fairly eclectic band, releasing indie rock, country, and even folk albums back in their adopted land. With “Gloves,” their US debut, they’re adopting something much more “Swedish”: synthpop. Imagine Phoenix by way of Miike Snow, with dark, pulsating synths and snares before launching into a huge singalong melodic chorus. And the rest of their Gloves EP isn’t too shabby, either.

The band currently has no tour planned, but you can listen to the entire EP via their Soundcloud. In case they do, their official website or Facebook are the places to check.