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Mesita – Everything Is Burning "Mesita – Everything Is Burning"

The surge of snyth-pop solo projects that exploded onto the scene last year, including James Blake, Youth Lagoon, Absofacto (etc. etc.) all proved the same thing: it only takes a small crowd to dig your sound for your music to spread like wild fire across the blogosphere.  If you’re talented and you have a Bandcamp page, your life as an artist can change over night.  I believe one of the next artists to break through will be Mesita, a 23 year old from the suburbs of Denver, Colorado (actual name: James Cooley).  James creates dynamic compositions with minimal equipment, layering airy Justin Vernon-esque vocals over delicate guitar riffs and faint synthesizers.  He writes, records, performs, and distributes all of his music himself.  Two albums and two EPs have been released to date, including Here’s To Nowhere released in March of 2011.  James has a new album The Coyote that will be released on April 3 through his website. The featured track, “Everything is Burning,” is a pretty good indication of things to come for the record.  Check out the recently released tracks “You or the City,” “Out for Blood,” and “The Coyotes” to hear more from one of my new favorites.  Also, be sure to keep up with Mesita on Facebook and Twitter.