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I need to trust my instincts. A month ago I listened to Korallreven’s “As Young as Yesterday” and thought it was magnificent. But when the time came for opening posts here on Mistaken For Strangers, I didn’t include them. Now the blogosphere is alive with buzz about them and instead of being ahead of the curve, I find myself in the middle of the pack. Next time? I go with my gut and post immediately. On the track, Marcus Joons and Daniel Tjäder (the pair of Swedes responsible for the group) blend the layered synths of shoegaze with an impossible-to-deny electo-pop beat to create something unique and beautiful. The duo has released a free download of remixes (you can download here) that has me, and fellow music lovers alike, eager with anticipation for the release of An Album by Korallreven on November 15th.