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jj – Beautiful Life "jj – Beautiful Life"

jj is one of those groups that are almost impossible to categorize. At first, they seem like just another dreamy Swedish pop band with ethereal vocals and harmonies – that is, until you realize they’re sampling Dr. Dre beats and singing the lyrics to M.I.A. and Jay-Z songs in between their own verses. It’s this weird, oddly beautiful mix that somehow works, pulling you along for their unique ride. Their 2010 mixtape, Kills, was easily one of the best albums of that year – and based on “Beautiful Life,” I have a feeling they have more in store for 2012. Starting off with the almost rap-like lyrics of “I’m so in this bitch, see me glow in this bitch” (if it’s not clear enough already, they’re pretty big fans of modern rap and R&B), the guitars, woodwinds, and percussion quickly create a heady atmospheric swirl of delicious pop.

Their single jj n° 4 7” is due on May 8 – in the meantime, check out their official label site and Facebook for more news.