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02 Emmylou "02 Emmylou"

A slice of Americana; two sisters playing folksy songs about American country music legends. The perfect wholesome act to showcase the talents of the duo from… Stockholm, Sweden? What?! First Aid Kit, with crystal clear vocals and harmonies that can only come from voices that share a bloodline, have had me captivated since 2009’s cover of Fleet Foxes’ “Tiger Mountain Peasant Song.” The sisters’ first single from the upcoming The Lion’s Roar is simply beautiful, reminiscing about the bygone era of Johnny Cash, Gram Parsons, June Carter, and Emmylou Harris. The duo innocently croon for the subject to “sing, little darling, sing with me” as a steel guitar sweeps through the background. It is perfect folk that could be found on any small town country festival stage throughout the red states, but just so happens to be from a world class city just south of the Arctic circle.

You can get The Lion’s Roar, due out February 14th, from the band’s website. You can also catch them right here in The District on March 30th at Black Cat (and based on their performance opening last year for Bright Eyes, you won’t want to miss it) – until then make sure you keep up with all their activities via their Facebook and follow along on Twitter.