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Eliza and the Bear – Friends "Eliza and the Bear – Friends"

Remember when Mumford & Sons weren’t international superstars? When they weren’t played on the radio every 15 seconds and had not yet become the “OHMYGODFavorite” band of that annoying co-worker / classmate / acquaintance / potential-rage-murder-victim? Man, those were the days. Luckily, the little-island-that-could, England, is really good at pumping out awesome indie rock bands. The London-based Eliza And The Bear is the latest in that long line of buzzworthy bands from the UK. “Friends” is a bubbly straightforward jam with a chorus that would make fellow Brit Chris Martin jealous. Give it a listen and see what you think.

Eliza And The Bear are currently on a tour with the United Kingdom, with no word on any US dates to come. Give the rest of their stuff a listen on their Soundcloud, and be sure to check in on them from time to time (you know how we worry) through their official website, Facebook, and Twitter.