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Stray Bullets "Stray Bullets"

Odd Future, the Cali collective of young, talented and foul-mouth rappers, have combined social media savvy and raw talent to carve out a significant place in the indie and hip hop worlds. The unique collection boasts five rappers, three producers, and a singer, just to name a few, and constantly releases free music through their website. The group’s first track from 2012 comes from rapper Domo Genesis. Domo is not as well known as some of the other acts in OF but has a pretty deep collection of quality tracks. On “Stray Bullets,” he eschews the sloppy, stream of consciousness flow that appears on many of the group’s songs in favor of a streamlined flow. The tighter flow works well with the old school beat that is reminiscent of Common’s “I Used to Love H.E.R.” Don’t confuse the tighter flows and more mainstream beat for maturity; Domo still manages to make a reference to Kia Shine’s “Krispy” and ends the track with a profanity laced teaser about his upcoming album No Idols. However, if this is an indication of the new direction of  OF, prepare your mind to be blown. Keep up with the whole gang on their Twitter or Facebook.