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Cherub – Doses and Mimosas "Cherub – Doses and Mimosas"

Like acid and champagne for breakfast, “Doses and Mimosas” seamlessly exudes both jubilation and apprehension, resulting in nebulous intoxication that simply won’t allow you to stop dancing around the kitchen table. Something tells me that Cherub knows a bit about this state – rumblings after their brief February tour indicate it was nothing less than a party.

This catchy track from the electro-pop outfit exemplifies everything that is great about their second LP, MOM & DAD. Truly engaging throughout its entirety, it manages to encompass the full spectrum of emotions experienced during a heartbreak-induced bender. The Nashville duo infuses a funky bassline into electronic glee, resulting in a symbiotic dual personality. Tranquil synths paired with an edgy falsetto add texture to the sharp beat and euphoric disposition of the chorus. In this fickle and crowded digital age, new artists must offer a unique perspective to music; I am confident Cherub’s sound will shortly emerge from the long tail of competitors. Take a minute to peruse their website or Facebook and drop these dudes some love – they certainly deserve it.