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Bowerbirds_-_Tuck_the_Darkness_In "Bowerbirds_-_Tuck_the_Darkness_In"

On the day after it was announced Bon Iver was nominated for a whole bunch of Grammys, it’s only fitting to highlight new music from a band that recorded part of their album in his Wisconsin studios. Bowerbirds, a North Carolina folk band, perform the kind of sound that makes you strum a guitar right alongside them with their latest song, “Tuck The Darkness In,” off their new album The Clearing (due out in March of 2012).  Of course, the song powers up in the second half with swooping harmonies and strings before closing out well before you want it to end. Isn’t every great song like that?

Bowerbirds will be performing March 21, 2012 at Black Cat – until then, make sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter.