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Flaws "Flaws"

Dan Smith of Bastille is blessed. Blessed with a voice that is both honest and grand; blessed with the ability to produce a sublime pop track; blessed with a knack for great songwriting. “Flaws” combines all of Smith’s many talents into one bubbly, energetic piece of indie pop goodness. The beat claps and bounces over pitch-perfect harmonies so enthusiastically that you forget the track is essentially about a relationship-damning lovers quarrel. Bastille appears to only be playing occasional shows around Great Britain (keep up via his Facebook) – however, the debut EP, Laura Palmer EP, just went on sale November 14th and is available online. Remember the name Bastille; if “Flaws” is any indication of things to come, you will be glad you did.

(Shoutout to Paige for the scoop. Photograph by Sam Rowlands.)