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Bassnectar Ft. Amp Live – Ugly "Bassnectar Ft. Amp Live – Ugly"

The other night, Bassnectar dropped “Ugly,” showcasing Lorin’s quintessentially deep, rolling bass coupled with an unrelenting torrent of snare. “Ugly” is a word that adeptly describes the bass-induced blunt trauma that one is left with after each drop. Amp Live, one half of Zion I, is utilized to taunt and antagonize the listener into a welcomed frenzy. This is the drum & bass that Bassnectar fans yearn for. When presenting “Ugly” to friends only two words and one scene from Liam Nielson’s Taken should come to mind, “Good Luck.”

Bassnectar is on tour in the States starting next month, but the closest he makes it to our area is Richmond at the end of April. For more information, check out his official website, Facebook, and Twitter.