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Avalanche City – Love Love Love "Avalanche City – Love Love Love"

An upbeat folk-pop song with a singalong chorus (with a sound reminiscent of such acts as The Decemberists)? Sign me up. A solo project from New Zealand artist Dave Baxter, Avalanche City (as he decided to call himself) made the entire album Our New Life Above The Ground within a week in the rural areas north of Auckland. Recording each instrument and writing every song himself, he then released the album for free online, where it was downloaded over a million times before catching the ear of some TV executives who used the song “Love Love Love” for their station promos. Since re-released on iTunes, the album was a hit, leading Dave Baxter to sign up some amazing fellow artists for a live tour. Currently only touring in their home country, fingers crossed that Dave and company make it over to the States some time soon. In the meantime, enjoy the song and sing along.

You can follow along with Avalanche City’s story and future via their website, Facebook, and Twitter. (Oh, and see if you can convince them to visit our fair city – thanks.)