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Alex Winston – Fire Ant "Alex Winston – Fire Ant"

Here’s something to perk up your Thursday morning. Alex Winston starts things off fast – rollicking drums, hand claps, and background harmonies that immediately grab your attention with their melody. Her unique indie pop meets dusty folk voice is perfect for this gem, quivering with weakness while at the same time bursting with strength. Balancing her voice is the tune itself, upbeat and strutting one second while fading to a slow crawl the next. By the time she gets to the second  “Goddamn, you’re back again, trying to crawl under my skin,” you’ll be far past hooked (and probably already ready to hit the “repeat” button… a few times).

Alex’s debut album, King Con, is out now, and the whole thing is pretty excellent. She’s finishing up a European tour right now but will be coming to our fair city on April 19 at U Street Music Hall (presented by our friends over at All Things Go, who have been killing it lately with the awesome shows). Be sure to also check out her official website, Facebook, and Twitter (as always).